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Black History

Black History Walk - Monroe, NC - 2013
Civil Rights & The Monroe Country Club Pool
Poster - Humanity: The Care of Others (Dr. John S. Massey)
Poster - The Growing Pains of Equality: Violence vs. Non-Violence (R. Williams & Rev. M. L. King)
Poster - Into the Future: Education of the Children (Hopie D. Perry)
Robert F. Williams: Some Resources at the Library

Camp Sutton

A temporary U. S. Army Camp located in Monroe during World War II.
Brochure of Resources for Research
Brief History

Genealogy & Local History ebooks

Seven titles of local interest were shared by us with Open Library

Local History - Miscellaneous

Belk Family & Belk Store

City Directories

A list of local city directories available at the Monroe Library plus some off-site links for several.

Indian Trail Town Map, 1927

About This Map

Local History Through Local Eyes

Some resources for local memories.

Local History: Monroe & Union County

An array of books and websites to check out about local history.

Local Records on Microfilm

A list of available microfilm other than census and newspapers located at the Monroe Library.

Map of Monroe, NC by Samuel Hoey Walkup c1866

This electronic image was purchased from and featured here courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina. The image has been tagged as to the source and ownership - please do not crop or hide the tag if you use this image. If you wish a better image, one without the added tag, or wish to publish the image in any way other than personal use please contact the Archives at 919-807-7310 or

Monroe, NC - H. Lee Waters' 1941 silent film from the NC State Archives

In May of 1941, H. Lee Waters filmed varying scenes of people in Monroe, North Carolina. The Center Theatre screened the finished product June 5 & 6 of 1941, billing it as Movies of Local People. For a script prepared by another organization, click here.

Monroe, North Carolina - Miscellaneous History

Newspapers on Microfilm at the Library

Operation Recognition

A program that awarded high school diplomas to Union County World War II Veterans who dropped out of high school to join the military. Union County recognized ten World War II Veterans on November 11, 2000.

Our Heritage

A list of scanned newspaper columns from The Monroe Enquirer, 1957-1964 with instructions on how to request (free) electronic images of columns or hard copies of others not on the list (fee required).

Revolutionary War Site on Union County Soil

Battle of the Waxhaws: September 20, 1780
Keeping the Name of a Revolutionary War Event Straight (Impossible!)
Battle of the Waxhaws: A Brief Bibliography

School Annuals and Miscellaneous History

Lists of school annuals available for viewing at Monroe and Union West:
Annuals at the Monroe Library
Annuals at the Union West Branch
Report of Public Schools Union County, NC, 1914-1915

Vietnam Brochures

We offer two brochures about our Union County men who lost their lives in Vietnam.
Guide to Our Fallen Vietnam Soldiers
Guide to Burial Sites of Our Fallen Vietnam Soldiers