Regularly Scheduled Computer Classes

Basic Computer Skills
Our Basic Computer skills class is designed for the computer novice. This class provides hands-on practice using both the computer mouse and keyboard. 

Microsoft Office 2010 Word Fundamentals
Microsoft Office Word 2010 is a word processing application used to create professional-looking documents.  Participants will first become familiar with the basic skills needed to create and format a document.  Next, each participant will create a flyer that contains formatted text, a picture, bullets, and a box with text.

Microsoft Office 2010 Excel Fundamentals
Our Microsoft Office 2010 Excel Fundamentals class is a course designed to teach participants the basics for using Excel, a spreadsheet program which allows users to insert and manipulate data in a grid format.  This class will cover the essential skills needed for creating a basic spreadsheet and chart.

Microsoft Office 2010 Publisher I
Our Microsoft Office 2010 Publisher I class is a course designed to teach the user how to create professional publications. The class will cover how to create a basic sign, greeting card, business cards and a flyer. 

Internet and Email Basics

This class will teach participants how to surf the web using Internet Explorer 8 browser. Participants will learn how to enter a URL (web address) in the address bar text box to go to a specific site, use links, and navigate to recently viewed web sites.  Participants will also learn how to search the web for information using Google, bookmark favorite sites, and have multiple web pages open at the same time using tabs. After becoming familiar with the Internet, participants will learn how to open, create and send Email messages using Hotmail.  Steps to attach documents, such as a resume, and photos will be covered.  Organizing Email messages in folders will also be demonstrated.

What is On Your Computer? (Aka File Management)
This class will teach participants how to manage files stored in folders and drives using My Computer and Windows Explorer. The class will also demonstrate using Save As
vs. the Save command.

Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint Essentials I
Participants will learn the fundamental skills needed to create, animate and run a slideshow presentation.

Specialty Classes

Ancestry Library Edition
This free beginners'class focuses on census research and is designed to get you started with a powerful Internet genealogy database. Time will be allowed for searching of your own ancestors. Requirements: Registration and computer mouse-experience. Call 704-283-8184 ext 224 for more information and how to register.

Family Search
This genealogy computer class will combine basic searches using Family Search (free to anyone) and another free database of the instructor's choice, such as Heritage Quest (free through NC Live). Watch Beyond Books, the library's program guide, for class announcements and sign up quickly, as classes are small. Questions? Call the genealogy department at 704-283-8184 x224. To learn of these classes sooner, be sure to sign up to receive Beyond Books via email.

PowerPoint Essentials II
Our Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint II Class will build on the skills learned in PowerPoint Essentials I.  Inserting pictures and sounds, custom animation and slide transition will be covered more in depth.  Participants will also learn how to set up a presentation to run automatically.

Creating a Microsoft Access 2010 Database
Creating a Microsoft Access 2010 Database class is a course designed to teach participants how to create a relational database that is well-designed and allows users to easily store, sort and retrieve data.  The class will cover creating tables, basic user input forms and reports. 

 Microsoft Access 2010 Database Queries
Our Access 2010 Database Queries class is a course designed to give participants hands-on experience creating practical database queries.  Relational database terminology will also be covered during the course.

 Microsoft Office 2010 More Excel
Our Microsoft Office 2010 More Excel class is a follow-up to our Microsoft Office 2010 Excel Fundamentals class. This class is designed to further explore additional features and tools that can be used on a spreadsheet. The class will learn to use conditional formulas and the IF function, Absolute vs. Relative Cell Referencing, Data Validation as well as inserting clip art, word art, and hyperlinks.

 Microsoft Office 2010 Excel Tables
This class will teach participants how to create, sort and filter an Excel table.

 Microsoft Office 2010 Advanced Excel Tables
This class will cover advanced filtering of Excel table and using built-in database functions. 

 Resume Wizard & Online Job Searching
The Resume Wizard section of this class will help you to use the Resume Wizard to organize your skills, education and experience in a format that is easily understood.  The Online Job Searching portion of this class will concentrate on teaching individuals the basic steps in searching for a job online.  During the class we will learn how to search for a job using a Job Search Engine Site, an Internet Search Engine and a Company or Government Website.

Delicious Social Bookmarking
During this class participants will learn to use the social bookmarking site, Delicious.  They will create an account, begin saving websites, and learn how to tag and share their bookmarks.  WWe will also explore searching, creating subscriptions and networks.

Introduction to Blogging
This class will explain what a blog is.  Participants will learn how to set up, post to and customize a blog.

Creating a Newsletter with Microsoft Word 2010
This class will teach participants the skills needed to create a newsletter including inserting WordArt, tables and pictures; putting text in columns and adding a section break.


Publisher II
This class will build on your understanding of the Publisher program gained in the Publisher I class. We will explore some of the Advanced Features such as inserting text from Word document to a publication as well as grouping and ungrouping objects within your publication.

 Mail Merge
This class will teach participants how to create an address book, mailing labels and form letters. Microsoft Office Word 2010 will be use

Microsoft Office Word 2010 Tabs, Margins and Line Spacing
Participants will become familiarized with the Word ruler.  Also covered in this class will be setting line spacing, indentations and margins using the Ribbon.


Microsoft Office Word 2010 Word Tables
This class will teach creating, formatting and manipulating a Word table. 


Basic Home Computer Maintenance Tips
Computers perform at their best when well-maintained. Without regular cleaning and organization, your hard drive gets cluttered with data, your file system becomes messy, and overall performance slips.  This class will give you some basic maintenance tips to keep your computer in working order.


Create a Recipe Book Using Word 2010
Participants will learn how to create a recipe book that includes a table of contents and index.